Hi I’m Eileen. I am currently studying Game Art at the Forsberg University in Stockholm after finishing my game design bachelor in Zurich.

I’m a character artist that can create appealing characters with interesting shapes, colors and stories. My main focus are stylized characters.

Over the past couple of years, I have enjoyed tackling a wide variety of challenges and have been developing my skills in multiple aspects of game design such as level design, character design and narrative in games.


I am available for junior or intern roles as a 3D Artist from the beginning of 2022 for 40 weeks.




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Game Engine
– Unity 
– Unreal Engine

– Photoshop
– Illustrator
– Indesign
– ProCreate
– Premiere Pro
– After Effects

– Blender 
– Cinema 4d (Maxon)
– Zbrush
– Maya

–  Substance Painter
– Substance Designer

– Reaper
– Audacity