Character design done for the “Character Design Challenge” on facebook. The monthly theme was northern gods.   The concept was painted in Procreate on the Ipad pro.


Druide Character Design The concept was painted in Procreate on the Ipad pro.

Old Man

A character design which I did as an exercise for different stylized Shapes and different rendering styles.

Rocket Run

Rocket Run was created as a student project in the module “Boardgames” in the timeframe of three months. You play as astronauts which landed on a foreign planet. The landing was so hard that the rocket ship broke apart. Its parts are shattered all over the planet. The planet itself tries to get rid of


Vendari was created during the bachelor semseter  at the Zurich University of the Arts. The Project was led by Denise Hohl and Eileen Rüegg. Mentors of the project were Beat Suter and Goran Saric. The Game Vendari takes place in the frozen lands of Mainera, where Tabinga a young girl got lost in a terrible


Oong was created as one the main characters in a student game called “Vendari“.   He was left behind in an enclosure until Tabinga rescuses him. They continue to travel and support each other on their long way to safety. Model and Animation were done in Blender 2.8. The textures were painted in Substance Painter.